A helmet for India

Do we need to design a very different helmet for India? Why? Well it seems driving helmet is not a successful design as it does not work in India. It is seem as… Continue reading

Tent on the Street

A change in routine The rows of cars on both side of the approach to my apartment conjured up an imagination of some marriage function or corporate party in my neighborhood. The discipline… Continue reading

“Under Construction”

A site common for most Indian Cities today- a half complete flyover, road widening, dug-out roads for cable work and diversion with the board saying “Under Construction”. The site of construction in public… Continue reading

Auto: An Urban Insurance Policy

A story that I hear so often that I am beginning to see a pattern. The auto rickshaw driver today was telling me about how he started driving a rented auto once he… Continue reading

You are “watched”

Just chanced upon these eyes that were always watching me from all side in an auto rickshaw. By the end of the journey it surely made me slightly nervous. The eyes were everywhere;… Continue reading

The lady on the Bullet

Enfield Bullet motorcycle; an original British product has been in India since late 1950’s. Traditionally, it has been a favorite of the Sarpanch (Village Head), Police Inspector and Jailers. Recently however the bullet… Continue reading

“My kids should study harder”

The old bespectacled auto rickshaw driver was in a mood to talk, and I was not! Just one of those lazy Saturday afternoon rides back to home from the university. By default I encourage auto rickshaw drivers to… Continue reading

Humalaaaa… Attack!

One of those typical days; hot summer evening, long traffic lines on the road crossing  and annoyed drivers swearing at each other. Just another manic Monday! As I sat alone in the comfort of my… Continue reading